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    Development of sports and sports industry.

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    Happy fitness, wonderful life.

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    God creates life, we build bodies.

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    Strong courage, showing charm.

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    Shaping the perfect figure, enjoy a healthy life.

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    Exercise: difficult to touch, daily practice walking, not into the store

    Aosheng Jia Fitness Equipment Co., Ltd.

    The company belongs to Shandong Ying Da industrial group company. Yingda group main business: real estate development, property management, auto parts, automobile ternary catalytic converter, production of fitness equipment manufacturing sales and import and export business; now Aosheng Jia fitness equipment factory covers an area of 10000 square meters, building area of 25000 square meters, fixed assets produced 20 million yuan. Group development journey: [1] Shandong Ying Da Textile Co. Ltd. [2] Dezhou Modern Real Estate Development Company Limited [3] Ningjin HuiFu Sunshine Property Management Ltd. [4] Dezhou Saite Auto Parts Co. Ltd. [5] Ningjin Hyundai Auto Parts Co., Ltd. [6] Shandong Aoution Scarlett fitness Audio Supplies Company Limited Aosheng Jia fitness equipment Co., Ltd. is a set research and development, production, sales and service as one of the modern professional fitness equipment manufacturer, to places of fitness club, fitness center, hotel, company, government age......

    Brand advantage

    The company is subordinate to Shandong Ying Da Industrial Group subsidiary company, is a professional fitness equipment sales and marketing services. Large scale, complete product range, first-class service

    Scientific internal management system

    Companies adhering to the "dedication, development, return," the spirit of enterprise, in the "professional services, details of service" under the guidance of the core concept of the company's comprehensive competitiveness

    Excellent product quality assurance


    Perfect after-sale service system

    The company has excellent product quality assurance, perfect after-sales service system, scientific internal management system and a healthy corporate culture atmosphere.





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